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About me

I'm 32. I'm a dude as opposed to a dudette. I live in Wisconsin and am basically medium in appearance in most respects. I like film and music and sports quite a bit and generally suspect anyone who doesn't may be a robot. I have two little girls who are ridiculously smart and cute. I've got a great family and a great life. I'm grateful.


17 votes
100+ Awesome Netflix Instant Flicks (124 items)
Movie list by BoomBoom3000
Published 8 years ago 8 comments
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Top Horror Movies of the 2000's (75 items)
Movie list by BoomBoom3000
Published 8 years ago 6 comments
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Best Post-Apocalyptic or Dystopian Films (37 items)
Movie list by BoomBoom3000
Published 8 years ago 9 comments
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Off the Grid: Outsider Societies in Film (15 items)
Movie list by BoomBoom3000
Published 8 years ago 8 comments
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They Look/Sound Like Chick-Flicks, but Really Rule (10 items)
Movie list by BoomBoom3000
Published 8 years ago 2 comments

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Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Jul 31 21:34
Hey there stranger. Just thought I'd let you know that one of your lists earned a mention in my latest list. Check it out if you like. Hope all is well!
Posted: 7 years, 12 months ago at Dec 23 6:59
I won't be on here again until after Christmas, so I hope you have a great holiday!
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 17 21:09
Scum is great, you don't want to fuck with the big daddy. didn't care much for Dragon Tattoo and i heard the series goes downhill.
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 17 18:34
Haha yeah I know better than to watch crap like that for the most part. Sometimes I'm glad I'm not a critic getting paid to sit through every film or album or whatever. I like being able to pass on the obviously lame stuff.

Thanks for the vote on the best of list. Hope you have a great weekend!
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 17 6:17
Thanks for the list vote & comment. I could say the same of those films, though at one point I wanted to see Jonah Hex and Grown Ups due to certain actors involved with each. Fortunately the large number of horrible reviews steered me away from both.

I'll be posting the A.V. Club's 15 best films of 2010 tonight, so keep an eye out for that.
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 16 15:14
Thanks for the vote!
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 15 14:51
Thanks for the list vote and comment =)
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 14 10:05
You're welcome!
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 13 2:54
ty very much for your vote
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 12 19:42
Thanks for the list vote!
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 12 18:34
Thanks for the list voting :)
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 11 16:51
But, you know, it's Zeppelin, so arguing why they're great seems ridiculously self-evident, like claiming the Super Bowl is entertaining or boobs are awesome or whatever.

Hahaha pretty much!

As for the director list, I had a hunch the exclusion of Wes Anderson was a stylistic preference. Just seemed like he'd be too obvious to simply be an oversight. Rushmore might be my favorite film ever, but I can see how given the fairly mannered style it could be a take it or leave it proposition.

Exactly. Of the films he's made that I've seen, Rushmore is definitely my favorite, probably because it's the easiest to relate to/identify with. We've all wanted someone we couldn't have and had it take some effort before we could accept it as fact. And Schwartzman & Murray are just so awesome throughout the entire film. As for most of the rest, the characters seem sedated, almost lifeless at times, and I guess I just can't connect with them. He definitely has his own unique style, I guess it's just one I can't get into for the most part.
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 11 9:08
oh thank you so much for the vote and the comment (B) ..***..
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 11 0:58
Fair enough on the music thing. Zeppelin was the one I did first, & my write-up for them caused some controversy on the thread heh. A couple of kids (well, teenagers) tried to argue they're not as great of a band as I said they are. Eventually they admitted they like Zeppelin but think they're overrated, but what they first said seemed to suggest they think Zeppelin sucks. *sigh*

Thanks for the comment on my directors list. It's still a work in progress really, so the ones on the list are the directors whose work I've enjoyed the majority of & that come to mind first. I've enjoyed films from the others you mentioned, but I can tell you Wes Anderson probably won't end up on my list since I've only enjoyed 2 of the 6 films of his I've seen (Rushmore & Fantastic Mr. Fox). I do like Soderbergh as a director, but he's done several movies I think are well-directed but not enjoyable if that makes sense.
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 11 0:47
Likewise for the upcomming 2011-films I'm looking forward too ;)
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 10 20:29
eh, i didn't find Trash Humpers to be all that interesting. a few scenes were quite good, and i enjoyed the fantasy of this mythical subculture, but felt they would have been better represented as supporting characters. some people really liked it though and it was a rock solid fit for your list, that's why i mentioned it.
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 10 4:50
That they do, my friend...that they do. And since you've obviously got good taste in music, I wonder if you'd help me out with something? There's an open thread here where we're trying to collect people's favorite bands from A to Z. I didn't start it, but I'm participating. Somehow it's bogged down on the letter L (meaning letters A through K are finished) & doesn't seem to be moving much past it. Full instructions are in the first post on the thread for how to go about posting suggestions for the list. So yeah, check it out & see what you can add. At this point I'm doing 2 bands per letter haha.

As for your lists I thought they were very well done & was happy to vote for them. Looking forward to seeing more soon.
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 9 23:10
Thanks for the list vote & friend request. All of those films I left in my comment on your list are ones I've rated 8-10 so I feel confident recommending them. The Host, Hatchet & Black Sheep you may consider popcorn movies, and on the Funny Games remake I thought it was slightly better than the original. Let me know what you think on any of those once you've checked them out.

Now off to check out some of your other lists...
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 8 23:27
Gah! You have your Horror list set with the "Mature Filter" no wonder I couldn't see it... ya... I filter all adult content. More with the hopes of avoiding the various "MILF" lists... I don't think you need to set the mature filter unless your planning on posting some pretty gorey images but that is just me.

Ah... Matthew Barney films really are more art works and some of the Cremaster series was part of an installation work. So, you would be in a gallery with the movie playing and his various sculpture works would be on display. It was part of my effort to see more experimental films. Found some good things and other things that just bored me to tears. Still, always good to branch out occasionally :)
Posted: 8 years ago at Dec 8 3:10
Thanks for all the votes. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Hum, so... it says that you have 4 lists but I only see three. I swear you had another list that I voted on. Is it set private or something funky?